1. Textbooks for beginners
  • 1
    Principles of Astronomy (Y. Kononovich, V. Moroz)
    Textbook with in-depth material on various topics (RUS)
  • 2
    Astrad' (A. Shepieliev, D. Dolgov, S. Molchanov, S. Borisov)
    Short collection on astronomy olympiad topics (RUS)
  • 3
    Principles of Astronomy (S. Andriievskyi, I. Klymyshyn)
    Textbook with in-depth material on various topics (UA)
  • 4
    Principles of Observational Astronomy (V. Cheprasov)
    Collection of observational astronomy problems (UA)
  • 5
    Observational Astronomy with a calculator (P. Duffett-Smith)
    Observational Astronomy Problems
  • 6
    Astrophotography Problems (R. Zhuchkov, Y. Tipkina)
    Theory for problems that involve astrophotography + examples with solutions (RUS)
  • 7
    Hadbook for an Astronomer (P. Kulikovskii)
    Collection of basic questions that you should remember (RUS)
  • 8
    Amusing Astronomy (Y. Pierielman)
    Collection of simple theory questions (RUS)
  • 9
    Amusing Astronomy Quesitons (A. Romanov)
    Collection with simple astronomy questions (RUS)
2. Textbooks for various levels
  • 1
    Fundamental Astronomy (H. Karttunen, P. Kroger, H. Oja, M. Poutanen, K. J. Donner)
    Has in-depth description of various topics. Requires basic knowledge (ENG)
  • 2
    Spherical Astronomy (K. Kulikov)
    Detailed overview on topics related to celestial sphere (RUS)
  • 3
    General Astrophysics (K. Postnov, A. Zasov)
    Analysis of various topics; requires basic knowledge (RUS)
  • 4
    Dimentional Analysis in Astrophysics (Y. Dibai, S. Kashtan)
    Various topics in Astrophysics with focus on dimensional analysis (RUS)
  • 5
    Nature of Space and Time (S. Hawking, R. Penrose)
    Overview of the basic questions about the nature of the universe (RUS)
3. Atlases and Manuals
  • 1
    List of starts and their coordinates
  • 2
    A list of many astronomical objects
  • 3
    Observing the Night Sky (Y. Vazhorov)
    Manual for observational astronomy (RUS)
  • 4
    Everything about planets and constellations (I. Lieskov)
    Atlas-directory about basic sky objects (RUS)
  • 5
    The Starts (H. Rey)
    Maps of the sky for different dates and answers simple questions
4. In-depth Materials
  • 1
    Astronomy on the PC (O. Montenbruck, T. Pfleger)
    Overview of different software for various data analysis
  • 2
    Meteors and observations (P. Babadzhanov)
    In-depth analysis of meteors (RUS)
  • 3
    Formation of Planetary Systems (P. Armitedzh)
    In-depth study of the formation of planetary systems (RUS)
  • 4
    Everything about calculation and analysis of surface brightness (RUS)
  • 5
    Solar activity and Earth's biosphere (RUS)
5. Encyclopedias
  • 1
    Astronomy and Space (L. Miles, A. Smith)
  • 2
  • 3
    Etudes about the Universe (T. Regge)
  • 4
    History of Astronomy and Astronautics (K. Liahova)
  • 5
    Universe Inside Us (N. Shubin)
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