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What is AstroSanbox?
We are a group of Ukrainian high-school and university students and teachers, who help students who are interested in astronomy to study this science and prepare to astronomy competitions. You can find more information about our team here.
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The universe awaits!
Learning how to solve astronomical problems with the help of more experienced
Practice on your own or prepare for olympiads: from regional to international level
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Learn astronomy based on an elective course of one of the best physical-mathematical school in Ukraine
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Learn about the universe on different levels
Astronomy events
A team competition of solving and presenting olympiad-grade astronomy problems
Various interesting space-themed events, camps, competitions
In the near future
Tournament of Young Astronomers
Solving experimental and observational problems in a span of several months
Summer astronomy school
Spending summer break efficiently and meet like-minded people from different cities
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You can find the report on donations and expenses here.
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