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To celebrate the birthday of AstroSandbox, our community is launching a new competition! We invite you to participate in our Kerbal Space Program game tournament!
  • When?
    Jan 25th - Feb 14th 2021. Registration is open until Jan 25th.
  • For whom?
    For anybody interested
  • What should i do?
    Mission: place as much AstroSandbox branded flags on different celestial bodies as you can! (one flag per body)
  • How shall i send my results?
    Mail them to astro.ukr.youth@gmail.com.
    You must provide a video recording of the key moments of your mission and the .craft file of your spaceship
Full rules availible here.
Registration open until Jan 25th
Challenge rules
1) Using glitches and exploits is strictly forbidden.
2) Spaceship parts should not intersect (no part clipping)
3) Don`t abuse the offset tool to reduce drag
4) No ISRU ore converting allowed
5) Game version 1.11+
6) Game difficulty - normal, 100% reentry heating
7) No DLC or modded parts except MechJeb, Kerbal Engineer Redux etc
8) It is strictly forbidden to use the cheat menu, save editing, or use resource or position editing mods(HyperEdit, etc)
9) The jury must be provided with a recording with mission key moments and the spaceship .craft file (mail to astro.ukr.youth@gmail.com)
10) If two competitors place the same number of flags, the cheaper mission wins
11) The ship must have at least one AstroSandbox flag onboard
to those who inspired the challenge
Ihor Mahina
Student, Kyiv Lyceum №145
Учень Києвського природничо-наукового ліцею №145

Yuriy Chubenko
Student, Technical Lyceum of Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Henrikh Titov
Student, Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
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